Hello there!

My name is Kevin J. Cunningham, and I’ve been writing about the San Francisco Giants, with a focus on their farm system, since 2002.  I’ve been a writer and editor for SFDugout.com, the writer of the webcomic SF Lunatic Fringe about Giants fans, and later a writer for McCovey Chronicles.

In 2020, a new law in California limited a writer’s ability to write for a single site without being a full-time employee.  I wasn’t looking for that.  I write a couple of articles a week, and while I value my work, it is not deserving of full employment and benefits.  I have a full-time job that does provide that for me.  All the writers from McCovey Chronicles were fired, as were hundreds of writers across the state.

Rather than give up writing, I want to continue.  I have set up a new website, giantfutures.com, to continue writing about the Giant Futures that these minor league players have.  And I’ve done it to start with no ads and no subscriptions required to view.  I’ve put in the Disqus system so that readers can comment on stories and talk with each other about the minors.

But that’s not free to do.

There are costs to running a website.  It will average out to about $17 a month to host and run the website initially.  There are also projects with artists to create the logos and images on this site that are still coming in.

But the biggest investment with this site, as any, is time.  Following these players, writing about the games and the drafts, visiting stadiums, taking photos and making scouting reports is a passion of mine.  I hope to bring new features as well, including podcast interviews.

For these, I will not charge you to read or talk about.  But I ask for your help in these costs.  I’m not offering ‘exclusive benefits’ for this, just for your support if you find these articles and more are worth it to you.

This is kind of a weird thing to ask, and an unusual way to try and fund things in this new world for journalism.  I hope you understand why I ask.

I hope in the future, more writers will join me.  Maybe old friends, maybe new colleagues.  If our Patreon income exceeds the monthly costs, then the proceeds will be split between the other writers evenly, based on the number of articles.

I hope you enjoy following these young players.  And I hope you enjoy reading what I write.  If you do, I hope you will contribute to keep it going.