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Daily Minors Quick-Notes 8/2/23

Turner Hill has been on a bit of a tear lately, but his 5-hit game today is the highlight of the season for him as he picked up a double and a triple for San Jose. In Sacramento, Marco Luciano returned from the majors with some experience and a new position he had no experience in, until after today. And in Richmond, Vaun Brown goes down with injury. Plus: A Baseball Rules Quiz!

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Daily Minors Quick-Notes 7/1/23

The fireworks aren’t supposed to happen until the 4th, but there were home runs all over the system. Richmond saw two players hit their first at the level…and one did it the hard way! Tyler Fitzergerald poked one out in Triple-A. And Heliot Ramos continues his rehab with a home run in San Jose, although another surprise player had two in the game! Also…let’s hope Yaz’s rehab doesn’t turn into another injury!

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