Well, let’s get into it.  Pretend you’ve read all the usual stuff that predicting baseball drafts is hard, predicting beyond the first round is nearly impossible.  Sure.  But heck, we’re all here for content.  So here we are.

Over the weekend, I’ve written up the names to be expected to be seen in the first round, and some names I think would be interesting for Rounds 2 and 3, which will take place on Monday.  But now, I’ll take a shot in the dark.

I’m going to guess who the Giants will take in each of those rounds, as well as pick the player I’d really like to see.  I’m probably going to be wrong with these guesses.  And for the players I’d like, there are several players I would be happy with when the time comes.

But you know if I get any right, I’ll crow about it.

1st Round

Who will the Giants take? — Gunnar Hoglund

The Giants would probably love to take a college hitter, though I don’t think that they are always going to want one.  The reality is that where the Giants will pick will likely be in a talent gulf between the second and third tiers of those players.  High school hitters could be tough to get.  The Giants would likely love Benny Montgomery, but I think he’ll go to the Phillies at #13.  So I think that with a few pitchers in play, the braintrust will go with value with Hoglund, who had Tommy John surgery in May and will miss time deep into 2022.  But the Giants could get a Top 10 talent if they are patient.

This is also a funny twist, as early in the season a reader mentioned the possibility of Hoglund, but I didn’t see him raising his value enough to be worth a mid-first round pick.  Now I’m thinking he’ll slide down to the Giants.  That’s how opinions can change over a spring.

Who do I want the Giants to take? — Jordan Wicks

There are several players with potential here, even if I give up on the hope of Sal Frelick slipping to #14.  Montgomery would be nice, and I’d be curious about a Bubba Chandler pick even with the risk of him not signing.  I’d also be open to Andrew Painter, one of the high school pitchers with upside.  But I do lean towards Wicks, with his devastating changeup, as the right investment.  The Giants could coach other pitches into him and I think he has a better chance to reach his ceiling than a lot of the other pitchers in play here.

2nd Round

Who will the Giants take? — Ky Bush

I’m hesitant to put Bush here, as there’s a very real chance that he might not make it to the #50 pick.  However, his lack of a track record could land him at this spot, and the Giants would probably love to try and work with his upside.  Add in the local side to this pick, as Bush plays for the east bay’s St. Mary’s, and this seems like a pick the Giants braintrust would pursue.

Who do I want the Giants to take? — Maxwell Muncy

Is it the name?  I mean, not entirely…Muncy is a player with a well-rounded skill-set but not overly outstanding toolset.  I love the reports about how hard a worker he is and his commitment to improving himself, and the Giants will love an infielder with as many positional options that he has.  But yes, the trolling opportunities of his name definitely stand out to me as well.

3rd Round

Who will the Giants take? — Tyler McDonough

This just makes too much sense.  Michael Holmes’ background at North Carolina State was a pronounced factor in the 2020 draft, in the taking of both Patrick Bailey and Nick Swiney, and in the trade for Will Wilson.  The Giants won’t always be biased towards the Wolf Pack, but McDonough fits too many boxes.  He can play center, the infield, and he has a background catching.  He’s got a strong makeup.  And at this spot, he might sign a little underslot.  He sounds a lot of 2020 undrafted free agent Brett Auerbach.  I’m sure the Giants would love a second of his kind of player on the roster.

Who do I want the Giants to take? — Tyler McDonough

Like it said, it just makes too much sense.