With the exhibition games scheduled in San Francisco and Oakland effectively banned by county officials, the Giants and River Cats have also chosen not to play their scheduled exhibition game in Sacramento on March 22nd as planned.

The news is not a surprise after Wednesday’s news of multiple cities and organizations stopping large group gatherings.  While not yet officially confirmed, local beat writers are all reporting that the Bay Bridge series games on March 23rd and 24th may be played in Arizona at the teams’ respective Spring Training facilities in Scottsdale and Mesa.

With that news, the playing of the game in Sacramento was unlikely to happen, as the team would not want to fly up to Sacramento for one game, just to return to Arizona 24 hours later.  As of yet, there is no government-led ban on group events in Sacramento, but it would not be surprising to happen in light of current events.

As of yet, there is no news on how this will affect other events with the River Cats, including the start of the minor league season on April 9th.  The reigning Triple-A Champions have a lot of excitement for 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic looms large over the coming season.