According to Henry Schulman of the Chronicle, the Giants have released 20 minor league players on May 28th, among releases by many teams but less than some of them.

Reported by Twitter source @Giants Prospects on Friday May 29th, the released players were:

RHP Wendolyn Bautista
RHP Cooper Casad
RHP Garrett Cave
RHP Alex DuBord
RHP Peter Lannoo
RHP Brandon Lawson
RHP Trey McNutt
RHP DJ Myers
RHP Olbis Parra
RHP Chris Roberts
RHP Jordan Scott
RHP Brac Warren
RHP Keith Weisenberg
C Matt Winn
1B/OF Ismael Alcantara
SS Brandon Van Horn
OF Aaron Bond
OF Dalton Combs
OF Ronnie Jebavy

The list of release contains players of varying histories. Trey McNutt and Wendolyn Bautista were minor league free agent signings from over the offseason that never played a regular season game with the Giants organization. Catcher Matt Winn had been with the organization five seasons, drafted in 2015, and had made appearances with every Giants farm team except the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. Garrett Cave was the highest draft pick of the group, a 4th rounder from 2017, while Jordan Scott was an undrafted free agent.

Many teams have been releasing large amounts of players at the end of the May.  In some case, the releases are delayed, due to many teams not making regular releases at the end of Spring Training, with the start of the season having been delayed because of the Coronavirus.  With the expected contraction of Minor League Baseball, removing the short-season league, and also the upcoming (albeit shortened) draft, teams are dropping players.  According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, some teams are cutting between 30 and 50 players.

Earlier in the year, the Giants had released 17 minor leaguers at the end of March, one of the larger releases at a normal time for releases in a normal season.  11 teams didn’t release anyone, and another nine only released one or two players.  The 17 the Giants released were the third-most of any team in 2020, behind Oakland (24) and the Chicago Cubs (22).

Schulman also noted that the Giants will pay the remaining players their stipends through the end of the June.  Other teams have committed to paying players longer, with some going through to the end of August, nearly the end of the minor league season.  Notably, the Athletics told their prospects they will not be paid, but will not be released either.  This has resulted in a lot of criticism on social media in the wake of this move, and other teams not following through.

The 17 cuts in March after Spring Training for the Giants were:

RHP Jamie Callahan
RHP Matt Carasiti
RHP Israel Cruz
RHP Dylan Davis
RHP Logan Harasta
RHP Trevor Horn
RHP Andy Rohloff
RHP Ben Strahm
LHP Jerry Blevins
LHP Deiyerbert Bolivar
C Chris Corbett
2B Kyle McPherson
OF Gio Brusa
OF Mikey Edie
OF Brandon Guyer
OF Jose Layer
OF Randy Norris