This spring, the minor leaguers have been getting split up and starting late, which has left us without much to see or report…but luckily, we are getting highlights!

Baseball America was happy enough to show off one of the Giants’ hottest prospects this spring, Heliot Ramos, as he continues to hit in Sacramento as the Giants players at the Alternate Site continue to scrimmage against the Athletics.

Here’s the breakdown of where the prospects are playing:

• In Sacramento, the Giants continue to hold their Alternate Site at least through early May, when the minor leagues are expected to begin play (barring some COVID relapses).  They are mostly made up of older players the Giants are keeping as options to join the Majors if needed, and prospects who were with the Giants in regular Spring Training.  To stay fresh, they are playing continuous scrimmages against the Athletics alternates, who are housed in Stockton.

• In Arizona, minor league spring training is ongoing, where the majority of the rest of the Giants prospects are.  This does contain some players who were with the big leaguers in March, but mostly are guys getting their first real work in.

While media is kept to a minimum, and no official stats are being kept, a couple of twitter accounts are keeping us filled with highlights that are being posted to Twitter.  Here are some of the best all in one place, with some information about who you’re seeing.

More Ramos For You

Heliot Ramos has a very suite swing.  The GF #3 prospect has been wowing people all spring, and he looks like he’s continuing that momentum in the spring scrimmages.  I can’t wait to see him in SF.

Bringing the Heat in Arizona

Kyle Harrison continues to look absolutely amazing, as he’s held onto his velocity gains that he showed last fall in Instructional League.  The GF #6 prospect is looking like a 3rd round steal in the 2020 draft, and if he continues to show this heat, he might make some of the big publishers put him on their Top 100s.


No prospect had more momentum coming out of 2019 than GF #5 prospect Luis Matos.  Watching to see if he can keep that up after 2020 was cancelled will be huge.  The Giants have an amazing group of young outfielders, and while Matos is at the lowest levels, he could have a huge impact.

Also, @SFGProspects, are you really filming a monitor to give us highlights?

Speed on the Basepaths

Here’s Hunter Bishop, the Giants 2019 1st round pick and the GF #4 prospect, showing off his speed.  Bishop was ranked by Baseball America as the Giants’ best defender, and his speed is one reason why.  He’ll easily be one of the Giants most exciting prospects until his eventual debut.  And here’s some of that defense:

Speaking of Baserunning

Speaking of baserunning, here’s GF #12 prospect Will Wilson, who was picked by the Angels just a few picks after Bishop, making trouble on the basepaths.  Wilson has yet to play any official games with the Giants since the Giants got him, but he got a lot of looks in the Spring, and the Giants are clearly high on him.  And he’s got a little pop as well.

Returns from Injury – Canario and Santos

These are two names that Giants fans will be relieved to see.  We knew Gregory Santos was back, but to see him topping out in triple digits is great.  Meanwhile, Alexander Canario had surgery in November for a torn labrum in his non-throwing arm.  It’s great to see him playing at all, much less homering.

Patrick Bailey’s Power

Bailey isn’t known specifically for his power, but he laid into this pitch down in Arizona.  The GF #8 prospect is one of the few who spent time in the big league camp, but stayed in Arizona.  It might be just to ensure he doesn’t compete for playing time with Joey Bart, or that he’s not even that high in consideration to be used in an emergency by the Giants in a callup.  Whatever it is, he’s hitting.

Skye Who???

The RiverCats seem to be making one of the newest Giant minor leaguers the honorary brother of a certain first baseman, but I’m not sure he wants to be added to those wars.  The 27-year old was a 4th-round pick by the A’s in 2015, and has speed and good defense, but as you can see has a bit of power, too.  He made his MLB debut in 2019, playing in five games for the A’s, but was waived after Spring Training and the Giants placed him in Sac.

Jason Krizan Keeps It Up

Krizan, one of the Giants’ infield minor league signees, had one of the more underrated springs in the Giants’ camp.  The Giants truly have a stacked infield so it’s not easy for even a utility guy to break through, but Krizan will be waiting in the wings in 2021, waiting for his chance.

Strikeouts Galore

Kai-Wei Teng, a Giants trade acquisition midseason in 2019, opened eyes with some big strikeout numbers to finish the season, totaling 88 in 72 innings of work.  That strikeout touch promises a lot of potential for the big man, and it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep it up.

Free Prospects

No, this isn’t a comment about the poor pay of minor leaguers, which is still a problem.  Giants PBO Farhan Zaidi and GM Scott Harris have made new in their constant trolling of the waiver wire, churning through guys cast off by other teams.  But they have hit some gems, and Sam Long, who was dropped by the Tampa Bay Rays, has looked like an amazing pickup.  Long has an amazing story, as he was out of baseball and training to be an EMT before he showed big improvement from an injured back.  Now, Long could be one of the Giants’ best pitching prospects.  All as a minor league free agent.

Sleeper Prospect

2020 4th round draft pick R.J. Dabovich was not a big name coming out of college, and he didn’t make the GF Top 30, though he was the #8 relief prospect in the GF list.  However, if he can keep up this high heat, he could climb the lists pretty quickly.


The nickname for the former SF Giants pitching coach is now going to be the tag for one of the Giants’ newest acquisitions, Carson Ragsdale, who they got in trade from the Philadelphia Phillies for Sam Coonrod.  The tall righthander was the #8 starting pitching prospect in the GF list, but it’ll be interesting to see if the Giants got a nice prospect back for Coonrod.

PFP Love

I admit, I’m just putting this shot of Dominic Leone hustling to first as a tribute to one of the least liked exercises in the spring: Pitcher Fielding Practice.  Good job, Dominic!

The Sacramento RedBeards

Seriously, these two have a lot of marketing potential behind them if they both make it up.