Second base in the Giants system has become the home to versatile players.  A lot of players who can play all over the diamond, both infield and outfield, seem to be finding a resting place at second base.  That’s true for our projections at second base this season, even though any of these players could see significant time elsewhere in the big leagues.  But there is still a lot of potential, and once you become a Major League regular you usually need to find one hole.  Second base is where that might be.

#1 – Will Wilson

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The 2019 first round pick that the Giants traded for, Will Wilson struggled through some injuries but briefly made it to Triple-A before a broken hamate bone in his hand brought a stop to his season, before he returned to Double-A to finish the year.  Wilson’s ceiling gives him a big chance to be a major league regular, though his versatility might put him at more positions than just second base.

#2 – Tyler Fitzgerald

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Tyler Fitzgerald was a 4th round pick, but his combination of power and speed has been a bit of a revelation.  After hitting 19 home runs in Eugene in 2021, he went to Richmond and put up 21 home runs, becoming just the third player in Richmond history to reach the 20-HR level, and also added 20 steals.  While Fitzgerald’s batting average hasn’t been impressive, you can’t ignore that power and speed combination.

#3 – Brett Wisely

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The Giants traded for a perfect sort of Farhan Zaidi player, with a set of good all-around skills, and the versatility to play multiple positions.  Wisely fits best at second base if you’re going to pick any one position, but it’s easy to see Wisely being used all over the diamond, and he feels likely to be making his Major League debut sometime this season.

Other Prospects to Note

Speaking of versatile players that might end up at second base, Brett Auerbach has to be mentioned, though his ability to also play catcher and center field might get more attention…Also on versatility, Carter Aldrete could play a bit of second base, but he will probably end up at one of the corners…Jimmy Glowenke, a 2020 second round compensation pick, struggled a bit in Eugene in an injury-ravaged season, but still poked out 12 home runs in 75 games at High-A…Speedster Simon Whiteman took a step back in 2022, and was unable to hit above .200 at either Double-A or High-A after a demotion…The versatile Shane Matheny spent more games in center field this season, but still played 21 games at second base, in addition to time in shortstop and third base.