The Giants began signing their draft picks, which I’m thankful for because all the A-Ball teams were off and the DSL games were suspended.  But in the ACL, two different hitters had two home runs in their respective games, and one of them didn’t even start his game!

Draft Signings

The Giants began putting pen to paper with their draft picks and began to sign their picks on Monday.  While this might be a relief for some, one should expect that the Giants had a plan in the draft with their picks and had an idea what the costs will be.

For review’s sake, here’s the rules for signing draft picks:

  1. Each draft pick in the first ten rounds has a different “Slot Value” assigned to it, ostensibly its worth.
  2. Teams have a Draft Pool, which is the sum of all the picks they have.
  3. Teams can spend the Draft Pool however they see fit among the players taken in the Top 10 rounds.  So they could spend less on some players, but more on others.
  4. For players taken in round 11-20, each player can get a bonus of $150,000, which do not count against (or add up as a part of) the Draft Pool.  If any player drafted in round 11 or later signs for more than $150,000, the difference in the bonus and that amount goes against the Draft Pool.
  5. Teams can outspend their draft pool, but incur the penalty.  If they outspend by 0-5 percent, they pay a 75% tax on the overage (this is common); outspending by 5-10% costs them the tax plus a first-round pick; outspending by 10-15% costs both a first and second round pick plus the tax becomes 100% on the difference; more than 15% results in two first round picks given up plus the 100% tax.

The Draft Pool for the Giants over their first 11 picks (including one compensation round pick) is $9,916,900.  If they overspend by 5%, that gives them a total of $10,412,745 that they can give out in bonuses without sacrificing any draft picks.

The big news is that the Giants signed their top two picks of the draft, both high school players.

First round pick and two-way player Bryce Eldridge signed for $3,997,500.  The slot value for his pick, #16 overall in the draft, was $4,326,600, so the Giants got a little bit of savings for their draft pool out of the signing.  Callis notes that this is the 2nd highest bonus for a high school two-way player (that will continue that way) ever, behind Hunter Greene’s $7,230,000 bonus.

And second round pick, shortstop Walker Martin, signed for $2,997,500.  That’s way above the slot value, which was $1,620,800.  Martin was thought to go as high as the first round, so he ended up still getting that much money.

So, that’s $6,995,000 spent, and leaves $3,417,745 left to spend on nine players.  They’ll save some money with their later round picks probably, but I’d expect everyone to sign.  There are some questions, such as 2nd compensation round pick Joe Whitman’s bonus, and JC player Josh Bostick in the 8th round, and if they will command overslot.  But they will also likely get some savings underslot with their 9th and 10th round picks.

There was a couple of other player signings announced, though with no bonus information yet: 7th round pick and Princeton Junior Scott Bandura signed, according to this twitter post.  The 7th round pick has a slot value of $246,500.

Meanwhile, 16th round pick Justin Wishkoski, a third baseman from Sam Houston, also was announced to have signed.

And an undrafted signee, Cody Tucker, a RHP out of Grand Canyon University signed.  He had a 6.66 ERA working mostly as a reliever, with 26 strikeouts to 12 walks in 25.2 innings.

AAA though Low-A: Scheduled Day Off


  • There’s nothing going on today, but in the meantime, what do you think of this play from Sunday.  Was this a catch by Bryce Johnson?

ACL: ACL Giants Black 12, ACL Brewers 1


ACL Giants Black Notes:

  • How often do you hit two home runs when you didn’t even start the game.  Catcher Cesar Gonzalez entered the game in the 3rd inning after a collision at the plate.  Gonzalez went 2-for-4 with two home runs, knocking in five of the home runs.  The 22-year old catcher now has three home runs in 18 games this summer, to go with two doubles and one triple, with a .264/.371/.509 batting line.
  • Third baseman Elian Rayo was 1-for-5 with a home run of his own.  Rayo now has five home runs to go with five doubles in 29 games.  Rayo has a batting line of .233/.352/.465 through 29 games.
  • Second baseman Lazaro Morales notched his first home run on a 2-for-4 day.  Through 26 games, Morales has a .171/.259/.250 batting line.
  • Left fielder Guillermo Williamson was 2-for-4 on the day with two strikeouts.  Williamson has a batting line of .313/.412/.615 with eight home runs and five doubles over 30 games this summer, with 31 strikeouts to 15 walks.
  • Starter Ubert Mejias went 5.0 innings and allowed just one unearned run, giving up three hits and no walks, with three strikeouts.  Mejias has a 3.06 ERA with 30 strikeouts to 14 walks in 35.1 innings.
  • Rehabbing reliever Clay Helvey had 2.0 shutout innings, with one hit and one walk allowed, with three strikeouts.  Helvey now has a 1.29 ERA over 7.0 innings on his rehab.  He had a 11.57 ERA in 22 games at Sacramento before going down with injury in late June.

ACL: ACL Giants Orange 8, ACL Angels 2


ACL Giants Orange Notes:

  • Second baseman Ramon Peralta had a pair of home runs, going 2-for-3 with a walk, a HBP, and also picked up a stolen base (his first of the summer) and an error.  This gives the 19-year old three home runs in 27 games on the season.  His previous season high was four in 49 games in his debut 2021 season in the DSL.  He has a batting line of .284/.417/.466.
  • Third baseman Javier Francisco was 1-for-3 with a home run and two walks.  In 24 games this summer, Francisco is batting .261/.411/.522, and has five home runs and three doubles.  He now has 18 walks to 15 strikeouts.
  • Returning to action for the first time this season is the rehabbing DH Luis Gonzalez, who was 1-for-3 with a double.  Gonzalez played 98 games with the Giants last season, as well as 20 in Triple-A.  He had back surgery in spring training for a chronic issue.
  • Another rehabbing player Ismael Munguia was 1-for-4 with a double of his own.  In nine games, he now has two doubles to go with one home run, with a .278/.364/.417 batting line.
  • Rehabbing Luke Jackson had the start, with one scoreless inning, allowing just one walk and two strikeouts.  Since he started his rehab on July 13th, he has two innings of work with no hits allowed, just one walk, and five strikeouts.
  • Reliever Miguel Mora also didn’t allowing a hit, going 3.0 innings, giving up one walk and striking out three.  Mora’s time in the ACL has been wild.  He’s had four appearances in which he hasn’t given up a run, most for multiple innings.  In his other six appearances, he’s allowed at least three runs and as many as six earned.

DSL Giants Black: Suspended (Bot. 3rd)


DSL Giants Black Notes:

  • The Phillies had just taken the lead with two runs in the top of the third, and had a 2-1 lead when this game was suspended due to rain.
  • This game will be completed on July 31st.

DSL Giants Orange: Suspended (Bot. 3rd)


DSL Giants Orange Notes:

  • The Royals Blue squad was up 3-1 when this game was suspended due to rain, after  the Giants Orange team gave up three runs in the first inning.
  • This game will be completed on August 2nd.